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Release what's holding you back!


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Why Coaching is for Everybody, Are you Ready?

ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines Life coaching as; “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Luke Benoit Coaching allows you to walk around the whole life model, which includes Finance, Relationships, Career, Personal Development, Environment, Health, Fun, and Creativity.

Together we set goals and action plans and then sessions developed according to the needs of the client. Sessions are customized to the individual, and the most current trends in NLP, Faster EFT, and Hypnotism are integrated into every session.

It is my intention to help you tap into and experience peace from the inside out. My mission is to help facilitate your freedom from experiences, memories, beliefs and relationships that cause limiting beliefs or stress in your life through life coaching, NLP, Faster EFT, and hypnotism.

I work with clients worldwide who are committed to living a life filled with inner peace, truth, joy, authenticity, deep connections, financial freedom, healthy bodies and romantic relationships.

Just watch this video, then contact me to get started living your best life!


How much would it be worth to you to be able to rid yourself of your bulimia forever? To be able to get rid of your pattern of choosing the wrong man and get the love you deserve? To be able to stop getting so close to grasping the brass ring and then having it slip away at the last minute? We can change these patterns! Simply call this number to talk to me and begin this powerful process of change!

How to Break Through to an Empowered, Self-Actualized YOU: Using Tapping/EFT to Replace Harmful Beliefs

I’ve spent my career helping people release what’s holding them back from having the lives they want and deserve. Over decades of practice, I’ve found the single most powerful cure for life’s negative experiences is eliminating harmful beliefs.

What is Coaching?

If you’ve ever wondered, take a look at this video offering my simple explanation of the answer to the question: “WHAT IS COACHING?” In this, I show you the real process, laid out as a clear flow chart and explaining the elements and pieces of the process. If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them for you! Just call me at 562-618-3099.

Get My Book

ALL STORMS PASS; The Anti-Meditations is a different kind of meditation book. While there are some similarities with classic meditation books, the meditations in this collection are very different. These are focused on tools and inspiration but also read like puzzles and beg for discussion. Some are hopeful and some pose darker questions about life, choices, who we have been and who we are becoming.

Personal Life Coach and Mind Magician! This man has literally changed my life! I got astounding results from my very first coaching session!


Now on almost my 8th session with Luke and My life will never be the same again! So many limiting beliefs, self-defeating thoughts, and emotional blocks that I had no idea were choking happiness and fulfillment out of my life, are now out of my way and I can finally breathe!


Beliefs that have held me back and caused me emotional pain for DECADES, have been turned around and diminished in just hours!


The world is a better place just by his influence.


Thank you, Luke!

-Andre Williams, Jr.


Clients via Skype & FaceTime


Clients in Office

While my office is located in Costa Mesa, California, I coach clients every day who are in cities across North America. Working with me via Skype or FaceTime is just as effective as working with me in my southern California office.

Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit
1901 Newport Blvd #350
Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA