If you follow me on social media; you will know that my life has been non-stop lately.  I have been traveling to teach and take classes every week for the last month, and I am grateful to say that my practice calendar has been full with client appointments.  I have been in the middle of so much positive energy that it has been uplifting but also exhausting at the same time.  I often don’t realize it, but I have been getting so much of everything I want and have asked for that it’s crazy.

I was thinking about what I could attribute this to and point to figure out what I’m doing right and a few things occurred to me.

In August, my partner Chris and I attended our first ABRAHAM-HICKS workshop which was transformational for me.  I have followed Esther and Jerry Hicks for quite a few years, watching their videos on YouTube and studying their books but attending the live workshop brought me into the material and concepts in a much deeper way.  The key idea that I always take away from the Abraham material is HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO FEEL GOOD RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HOW YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW CREATES YOUR FUTURE.

Specifically, while I was there, I bought a copy of their book, GETTING INTO THE VORTEX, which contains an audio CD of meditations that I feel like are powerfully changing my lives.  These simple 15-minute meditations on “General Well-Being,” “Financial Well-Being,” “Physical Well-Being” and health and “Relationships Well-Being” take a little time but seem to give my brain a mental reset and only puts me into a better state of mind.  And I have to admit; I am seeing more and more positive things happening around me.  Maybe part of it is that I am just noticing them more but I also firmly believe that the Law of Attraction is real and putting myself more into this positive state of mind is creating more positive experiences and success.

One of the things the meditations talk about is that you will notice yourself feeling more emotionally balanced and confident and I have to say I see this to be true.   Last night I was on a flight back from Houston that was delayed and delayed — a hideously wrong flight logistically in and out of LAX –, and I noticed that my emotional reactions were nowhere near as negative as they would have been before.  If that’s not evidence for me, then I don’t know what is.

The business is good.  The home is good.  The body is good.  The dogs are healthy.  How does it get any better than this?


At the beginning of October, while I celebrated my 23 year sobriety anniversary, I had the incredible opportunity to take a 7-day immersion class in FasterEFT with Robert Smith, the creator of this impressive and ultra-powerful tool and method for change.  It was phenomenal. The days were long — 9am-7pm and the learning non-stop and intense.  I have also been a student of Robert’s from a distance for a long time, studying his approach and tools through his materials, home study course and the hundreds and hundreds of videos he has made on CD and posted on YouTube.  This experience was truly phenomenal.

During the seven days, I spent with Robert and the group of around 25 students we were given more than a glimpse — more like complete free access — to Robert’s Smith mind. Robert empowered us to have the full understanding of the tools he has developed and his grid for working with the subconscious mind and FasterEFT — a genius hybrid of elements of hypnosis, NLP and more traditional EFT — that creates a new whole that is so much more than just the sum of its parts.

As I moved through the experience of taking the class, so lucky to be able to share the experience with my dear friend and former student, Mark Shiheda, I could feel my skill set expanding.  Seeing Robert use the tools up close and doing full processes so completely, my mind began to click like a machine as I realized how I was going to be able to alter my work in ways that have even already made my process so much more powerful.  I was even lucky enough to have the rare experience of doing a full 2-hour session with Robert, the actual creator of this method, where he worked with me on re-structuring my lingering limited beliefs, memories, and subconscious mind.  Experiencing the results and getting see how he does the process was amazing.

I was able to meet and work with a personal hero of mine whose work — through me — has already helped countless people with an array of problems and blocks.  And because of it, I got to come out better than I was before at doing the work I most love!

Robert Smith and Luke Benoit at FASTER EFT graduation October 2016