This 4th of July weekend, particularly amidst the insanity that has been consuming the world lately, we are in the middle of a lot of talk about Freedom. But in this moment, it’s also more important than ever to talk about our Personal Inner Freedom and the question of how do we preserve our Peace and personal Sanity while all the madness is going on.

We all know that Janis Joplin sang that “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” and although those words can ring negatively, they contain a lot of wisdom. Letting go of our attachments always leads us to Peace.

Eckhart Tolle would say that the solution is Stillness. Bringing yourself absolutely into the present. Letting go of the thoughts that are surrounding you most of which are not real anyway. And Byron Katie would not disagree.

Peace and even happiness are found in the present moment and being with what is actually going on around you in this instant.

The meme here shows one of my favorite quotes.

“Freedom: The Ability to be Peaceful

and even Happy in the midst of circumstances

and in the Face of Unresolved Questions

or Problems.”

And this may really be the key to true happiness.

We get caught up in waiting for a day when the conditions bothering us will change. We get hung up on pieces of our lives that we think we need and have to have. And often our gratitude for the many wonderful things we do have, goes out the window.

But when we bring ourselves to the present moment and let go of those things that we think are happening that often aren’t real, we find freedom. Freedom from the things that people around us are saying and doing. Freedom from our own unrealistic expectations of ourselves.

Life will be imperfect and we need to learn to accept that. People will upset us. We can’t control their behavior or their thinking. But it is when we acquire and practice the ability to be unmoved by circumstance and not give our power to them that we become even more free. And even happiness arises from this freedom. And as our thoughts and feelings change because of this, Spirit is activated and the Law of Attraction comes into play.

Our outer world starts to change because our inner world has changed. We attract different people and circumstances and even the negative circumstances and people around us may start to change.

There are tools that we can use to facilitate this Process. Meditation is one of them. “The Work” by Byron Katie and her 4 Questions are an amazing set of tools that facilitate this change.

And Tapping – EFT and FasterEFT and powerful and fast tools that can create these kinds of dynamic changes.

This freedom may sound lofty but it is available to you.

I can take you there. You can learn to take yourself there.

The Power of your own Mind is waiting to FREE you!